Let’s Get Organized! ~ Week 17

I know I missed my normal Monday post for this. I’m getting really annoyed at myself with all this organizing stuff. I plan it out for the week and I do Monday and Tuesdays assignments and then I stop. I don’t even usually look at the rest of the weeks ideas after Tuesday. SO This week I’m trying something different:

We are going to WING it!!

Yes, I just said that! We’re going to wing it with organizing this time around. What exactly do I mean by that? Well, mostly I mean there is No plan whatsoever. No plan? How can I organize with no plan? It’s easy, I do it all the time. Just do something without thinking it through. Pick up all the toys in the playroom. Put them in organized containers and make your kids clean them up that way (haha! yeah right! I’ve been there done that!), clean out the utensil drawer in the kitchen, put away the laundry immediately after pulling it out of the dryer (haha! another one that I can’t even imagine myself doing!!), Make your bed every day, put the dishes away in the morning instead of right before dinner, DO SOMETHING everyday that will keep your home organized. And it can be the littlest thing you can think of! Put your shoes away when you take them off, or have the kids put away the books they read after they read them, instead of piling them all on the floor and not cleaning them up for weeks so that you have a HUGE stack by that time!! UGh, seriously, why do we make cleaning so hard?

This week we are going to prove to ourselves that we can have and keep a clean home! That we can ORGANIZE something every day and feel fulfilled in more than one way! I don’t know about you, but when I can check everything off on my To-Do List I feel AMAZING!!!

So, Legt’s get to it! Organize away!

Yesterday, I cleaned off the counter in my bathroom. It was a MESS!! Now it looks so nice and pretty! I love it!! Today I’m going to go pull weeds in my garden. And while that’s not really organizing anything in my home it’s helping the outside of my home look pretty. Bring it on! Tomorrow who knows what I’ll do… I do know that my purse is aMESS so that WILL need to get done this week.

Keep it simple stupid! That’s my motto for the week. Let’s Do This!!

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