Let’s Get Organized – Week 37 ~ The Kitchen

Sorry I’ve been MIA for the last week or so. I just can’t keep up with everything lately. Our vacation just threw me off and I’m still trying to balance out life after the long vacay! It’s a lot harder than you think it’s going to be. LOL

Ok, so the last organizing blog I told you about the 14 week challenge over at A Bowl Full of Lemons. Well, that first day I did awesome! I cleaned out some of the cupboards in my kitchen. The rest of the week I didn’t do a thing:P

First, I’ll show you before pictures of the cupboards I did organize and clean, then the after. I really do feel so much better now that they’re organized.

This is the big corner cupboard before picture. It was pretty messy! I usually can keep things pretty tidy in this cupboard, but for some reason I haven’t done that.

This cupboard has changed it’s purpose over the last 3 years. I had our baby 2 years ago so it became the baby cupboard then. We kept formula, bottles and everything else baby in it. Since he’s now 2 and doesn’t use bottles or formula it has become the catch all for water bottles, sippy cups and anything else that needs a place. You can see the boys’ thermos’ in there and even straws and bowls. It was even worse than that other cupboard!

This little wire rack thing is where we keep all our plastic shopping bags, gallon and quart sized ziploc bags, place mats and the camera. Can you even see the ziploc bags?!! No, of course not! They’re too over run by all the shopping bags that I keep forgetting to recycle!! UGH!

I forgot to take a picture of inside the bread box. It was pretty bad. Stuff kept fall out of it because it was all jam packed in there.

The medicine cabinet, above the oven.

This one was the worst yet!! I’ve been meaning to clean this one our for months, if not more than a year. I just kept putting it off.

This is a during the process picture. I had the TV show ’24’ on the iPad while I worked and it kept me going:)

The table was filled with all our stuff from the 3 cupboards. It all went well and I think it only took me an hour, probably less.

Here are the after pictures:

On the bottom shelf I have our mixing bowls on the right. Those have always been there and will always stay there. They fit well. On the left is all of the school lunch containers I use. They were there before, so I just moved the thermos’ to that area too. It just made more sense:)

I moved the painting supplies that were above the fridge into this cupboard along with the candles and medicine Jonas doesn’t take a lot. The extra water bottles for the kids went on the top shelf and the sippy cups and bowls go on the bottom shelf. When I took the picture there were in need of being washed. lol

Inside the bread box. Yeah, we don’t keep bread in there. We find that we don’t eat it fast enough and it goes bad so we put ours in the fridge. This is where we keep our blender, fry daddy, vases, water bottles and kool-aid/juice containers.

I found some really oolllldd styrofoam cups in the back corner there on the left, which I will most likely throw away. I don’t really use things like that. I think we bought them for the day we were moving in so we’d have something to drink out of.

WOW!!! Looooook at all that SPACE!! I don’t even know what to do with it now! Any ideas/suggestions?

These are all of the bags I took to Walmart to be recycled. That’s way too many!! I never want to let it get that bad again!

And this is the after shot of the medicine cupboard. Aaaawww!! I can breathe again and this cupboard doesn’t stress me out when I open it multiple times a day!!

I wanted some of our medicine to be easily accesible because we use it on a daily basis. On the left I have the kids’ daily medicines and vitamins. The next basket over is labeled ‘adult pain meds & cough drops’. And then the Peptobismal is just sitting on the shelf, behind it are some more cough drops that didn’t fit in the basket.

The top white basket is also something I use on a daily basis, allergy medicine! Gotta keep that fully stocked! Then, in the black baskets I have other meds not used a ton. Flu, Cold & congestion meds on the left with eye drops and VapoRub. Kids pain meds, heart burn relief, & stomach & bum relief (hehe:) I figured my hubs would get a kick out of the last one).

So, that’s it for the kitchen, so far! Since this coming week I’ll be working on the pantry I have plans to work in some more cupboard cleaning and organizing, but that is for another post. I’ll be back soon with this weeks organization plan!!

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2 thoughts on “Let’s Get Organized – Week 37 ~ The Kitchen

  1. I am loooving those medicine bins! And I think you should put a cute canvas bin or tote in the bottom of that shelving thing by the stairs and put the shopping bags in that. That would look cute. Kay. Off to do my hair for our photo shoot this afternoon!

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