Picture Worthy

I have decided that my house doesn’t have enough pictures hung up on the wall!! Being in homes of my family the past few months has made me realize that I need to hang up more pictures. I’m a photographer for heaven’s sake!! Why do I only have a few pictures on my walls? And ALL of them are professional family pictures. I need more real life pictures in my house. I want more!!

So, I’m in search of frames and pictures to remember and enjoy moments in our life. I stayed at my Aunt and Uncles house in Las Vegas last week and I loved just looking at pictures of them. Some of them I took; a LOT of them I took!! I lived with them for about 3 or 4 months before going to college in 2001. My cousin’s were little kids back then, 4 and under 1!! I remember those times that I spent with them. I LOVE those memories and seeing the pictures in their house just makes me feel happy. Those are times they remember and love, along with me.

One of my new goals once I get home will be looking everywhere for frames (I have a very limited budget!) and trying to pick out those special moments. It won’t be easy because I have so many of them, but I’m going to do it!! I know I’m going to enjoy doing it too!!:)

Also, my house is very void of decorations, I’ve realized. I have seasonal decorations for Christmas, but that’s about all. Not much else. I will also be looking for new things to help my house be more beautiful and decorative. Maybe shelving of some sort to hold up all the pictures I want to display. Maybe vases filled with beans that have been spray painted, an idea I’ve seen on pinterest, which I think I actually pinned.

I’m a crafter now so I need to be more crafty in a decorative way!! I’m excited to try my hand at it!:) Do you have any suggestions or advice? I’d love to hear it!! Leave me a comment and I will be much appreciative!!

Thanks for stopping by!! I hope you’re having a wonderful day!

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  1. Oooh, I should take a picture of the girl I visit teach’s living room for you – it’s the epitome of cute shelves and photos arranged artfully on them. I’m always so jealous.

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