Scrapbook Saturday

I promised I would show you some of the pages I made while I was in California. I’m excited to show them off:) I hope you like them! So, here they are:

Here’s my nice big stack of pages:)

This page is from a visit to my in-laws house in 2009. That’s my neice, Brianna, in the bottom two pictures and Courtney with Jonas and Brynnan in the top picture.

Jonas in January of 2009, I think.

This is one of my favorite pages:) Marbles will always have a happy place in my mind, especially at Grandpa’s house!:)

I tried to concentrate on simple designs. It was easiest and fast too so I got a lot more done:)

I was able to use Aubry’s Cricut machine to cut out all the titles and some shapes and other things.

Aubry had a HUGE stash of paper and embellishments that she was SO kind to let me use! She has really gotten me into stickers and other embellishments.

These pictures are from our last visit to California in  august of 2009. It was fun scrapbooking these memories while I was there:)


Mainly, all I have to do now is journaling and then put them all into a scrapbook. That might take a while though, because I like to do things in order and I’m only on the year 2007 right now. *SIGH*

The ‘way to go’ sticker is actually one I got from Pick your Plum this summer. I’ve been stocking up on layered stickers and PYP had some great ones for cheap!! I got a bunch!! I was excited to finally use them:)

My favorite layout of all had pictures of Grandma in it. I think these were the only pictures of her I have from the trip. she didn’t like having her picture taken much. What I like most about the pictures with her is the memory. Brynnan loved that bouncy blue ball and I remember Grandma showed him how it could bounce really high on the hard kitchen floor. And he had fun playing with her. I miss her.

This is the second part to that page. I like simple layouts the most I think. They let the pictures speak for themselves:)

Well, those are just a few of the layouts I made while on vacation. I’ve been itching to make more since I got home. I got a really good deal on 4×6 prints through shutterfly so I bought 100 pictures through them and bought some more through Sam’s Club.  Now, i just need to find time to scrapbook them!! With all the new paper and embellishments I’ve been stocking up on:)

Thanks for stopping by! Enjoy your Saturday!:)

2 thoughts on “Scrapbook Saturday

  1. Ugh, I’m at such a weird time in my scrapbooking life. I really love the hands-on feel of it, but I also need to realize that I don’t have time, or space on my bookshelves for the thick binders that come with hands-on scrapbooking. It’s weird. I made a book with Shutterfly and really like it, but my kids adore the pages I made myself. I just can’t figure out what I want to do, so I just don’t do anything. 🙂

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