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Back to School Shopping Trips & Deals!

Is it really that time already??!!! I mean, come on, summer JUST started like a few weeks ago, right? Or else it feels like it’s gone by that fast, amiright?!! I have been SO incredibly busy this summer that I haven’t really even had time to do ANY of what I wanted to do with my kiddos. I’ve been working my butt off with really big photography jobs for the past month and I’m ready to be done! lol I have 2 more big sessions to finish editing and I’m hoping it will be a time for a break.

Anyway, since it is that time of year again, I thought I would share 2 shopping trips I made with you. My goal this year was to only spend $20 on all the supplies my 3rd and 4th graders will needs. I’ve been stalking Fabulessly Frugals shopping posts every Monday for the past 3 weeks or so and finally decided to take advantage of some really great sales and coupons this week!!

I was SO excited to hit up Target! I absolutely LOVE Target!! Not only do they take manufacturer coupons, but you can stack them with Target coupons as well, getting DOUBLE the savings!! It’s SO fun! I love seeing how much I save compared to how much I spend! Especially, when the amount I save is so much more than the amount I end up paying!

So, after we put the kids to bed a few nights ago I headed out to Target with my coupons and my list. It was a small list, but it actually grew a little while I was there and I still didn’t pay a whole lot. Here’s what I bought:


(3) scotch tape single rolls ~ $1.02 ea

(3) post – it single pads ~ $1.02 ea

(2) papermate pens (in red) ~ $.97 ea

Up&Up 24 ct pencils ~ $1.22

Up & Up 24 ct crayons ~ $.39 ea

Wide Ruled Filler paper ~ $.99

Total paid: $3.97

Total saved: $8.53

How did I save SO much?!! Well, I had coupons for the first 3 items that made them only cost about $.02 each, except for the pens. You can find the coupons on Targets website here. You can print off the coupons 2 times for each one. I have 2 computers so I printed them off 4 times, my ink was running low the first time I printed so those coupons didn’t turn out. If they had I could’ve gotten 4 tape and post – it notes singles. 3 is a good number though! 🙂

I went to walmart the next day and got these supplies:


(6) paper folders ~ $.10

(5) Crayola Colored pencils ~ $97

(4) wide ruled notebooks ~ $.17

(1) prong folder ~ $15

1″ binder ~ $.94

This trip wasn’t as exciting as Target because I didn’t have any coupons, but I did have a price match item!! Walgreens is selling their paper folders for $.10 this week, Walmarts are $.15 so I asked them if they would price match the walgreens price and they did. So, I really only save $.30 on this shopping trip, but that’s because Walmart has low prices anyway. I’m glad I bought crayons at Target the day before because Walmart was all out of them! I couldn’t believe it! And they were almost all out of notebooks too.

Anyway, my total was $7.22 at Walmart so that makes my school supplies total at….. $11.19!! Woohoo!! I am so excited about that!!All I need to buy now is 4 reams of paper, 2 sandwich bags, 2 tissues, and a rubbermaid container. I think I’m going to pick all of that stuff up at the Dollar Store, because I’m a cheapo and I don’t want to spend $3 on sandwich bags!! OR tissues!! I don’t need to buy name brand!

If you’re looking for great deals I would definitely shop Target or Walmart. You can price match at both places. Walmart is a lot more lenient, my cashier didn’t even look at their ads they usually have at the registers to verify she just let me have the price I told her. Target needs you to bring the ad with you and show them, so make sure you do that! Although, they do have pretty much the same prices as Walmart. There are just a couple differences. I think Filler paper was cheaper at Walmart and so were notebooks and binders.

I know a lot of coupon shoppers like to shop at a bunch of different stores, but that just doesn’t make since if you have the ad!! Go to Walmart or Target and only do it once!! It makes life so much easier!!

Well, I better run! I’m going to be back a little later with a Craft room post. Today is THE day I start cleaning it all out. Wish me luck!

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