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Back to School Teacher Stationary Gift Idea

Hello, crafty friends! I am excited to be here sharing this fun teacher gift idea with you today. First off, though, I have to tell you that my middle child is 8 years old today!!! I can’t believe it! Time has just gone by way too fast! It’s so crazy!

Ok, now on to the real and fun reason you came here today… I am joining up with some amazing bloggers to bring you this great series hosted by Emily over at The Benson Street. Go on over and check out her blog and her original post about the series.


I want to share with you a cute little stationary gift you can make with your Silhouette Cameo and some easy cards and tags as well. I got the idea from pinterest for my boys’ teachers last fall and they were so fun to make. You can find the cut file for the stationary box along with the tags here on the Silhouette Online Store. There are a lot of different kinds of stationary boxes there so if you want a different style or design, just type in ‘stationary box’ in the search box and it’ll bring up a huge long list for you to go through.

Anyway, without further suspense being held, here are the final boxes and cards I made for their teachers:



For the one on the left I found a border of an apple in the Silhouette Online Store again (they get a LOT of my business when I’m making projects for teachers … heck, they get a lot of my business no matter what I’m doing! lol) and cut it out to decorate the bottom of the box to make it a little different than the other one. I love how it turned out! That paper was really fun to use. It had glitter on it and by the time I was done with the box there was glitter all over me!


This is what the boxes looked like on the inside. There were 3 levels, and 4 separate pockets. I’ll come back next week and show you how I made this step by step.


I made some cards and tags to go in the box. Shutterfly was doing a special and gave me 12 free note cards so I ordered a set and split them up for each teacher to get 6. They were a little smaller than my homemade cards, but they turned out really cute!


For the cards I just used a few different cut files I’ve gotten from the Silhouette Online Store over the last couple years. I often buy files and then never use them so it was fun to actually use a lot of these cute files.




I think this box was my favorite.




I had my Silhouette cut out all the tags and the card bases. I picked out different papers to cover the front of the cards and just glued them down. I kept them simple so that I didn’t drive myself crazy!








In the picture above you can kind of see the three divided levels. The one front level has 2 pockets to keep the tags divided nicely. Then the second level is where I put the cards and the 3rd and very back level I placed the envelopes. (Can you tell I’m a mom to boys who love playing video games?)

Thanks so much for stopping by! Don’t forget to check out all the other projects on Emily’s blog. Have a great Friday!



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