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LGO ~ The Bedroom Closets

Our bedroom closets need a LOT of help!! Mine & my hubby’s and the boys’ as well! I can’t believe how messy these places become so quickly!! It’s worse then the playroom sometimes!!

Anyway, I’m going to do this week a little differently than I normally do my organizing posts. Instead of posting my whole week of organizing goals I am going to post daily about what I want to accomplish each day. I hope you’ll come back and keep up with how I’m doing. I’ll hopefully post pictures of my progress too!:)

There will be a high probability that my posts will be late everyday since I’ll be blogging daily. Please bear with me this week!:)

Today, my goal was to Clean out a couple of cubby holes in the boys’ closet. I am really bad at shoving anything and everything in their cubbies and I think they’re picking it up from me. Not good!!

So, Here’s the before picture from today:



SCARY!!! It just makes me cringe looking at the pictures!!

And here it is now, after cleaning out 2 of the cubbies:

SOOOO much better!! I feel clean now:)


Woohoo! Thank goodness for organization:) Hopefully I’ll be back earlier tomorrow. During my blogging time today I was blogging on my family blog so this one got pushed to last.

Thanks for stopping by! I hope you had a wonderful Monday!

1 thought on “LGO ~ The Bedroom Closets

  1. Good job, Megs. Dylan’s backpack was MIA for the majority of this morning, until we found it behind a bunch of Micah’s crap in the closet. I haaate their closet. 🙁

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