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LGO ~ The Bedrooms

Good morning! How was your weekend? I hope well! My kids had a 4 day weekend so it was a little bit crazy. I did enjoy watching General Conference on Saturday and Sunday though. I would have to say that was my highlight of the weekend. Oh, and my two older boys had their first friend sleep over on Friday night and that was a lot of fun for us all. He’s a boy that lives down the street and he is seriously the most polite 7 year old I’ve ever met! And he loves the same things as Jonas and Brynnan so that makes it even better! 🙂

Anyway, this week we will be diving into the bedrooms. I know that I said I would probably spend this whole week in my boys’ room because that’s how bad it is, but I spent the weekend in my craft room and it is just driving me CA-Ray-ZY how messy it is!! I did spend a few hours cleaning it up last week, but that was NOT enough! *SIGH* SO, this week I will be cleaning my craft room and possibly a tackle a little bit of the boys’ closet situation.

We are on day 14 in the kindle book, 31 Days to Clean, if you’re following along with me in reading that. Since that challenge is dealing with actual bedrooms and not a craft room I’m going to hold off on reading that for this week. Once I get to the boys’ room I will start there.

Here are some pictures of how my craft room looks right now, without touching anything! It’s scary so prepare yourself.


This lovely little pile of bills and school work and whoever knows what else has been sitting here since about March, I think!! And I’m so tired of it! It HAS to go and NOTHING will go there! I am determined to KEEP the floor clean there! The rest of the area looks fine. The bookshelf is pretty much organized as good as it gets with my fabric stash, which is growing, I am proud to announce! 🙂


The Sewing/Computer desk. This desk is always in chaos. I have given myself a new goal of, if I have to stop a project I put everything away before stepping out of the room.


This desk actually looks pretty good. It’s the one that I started to organize last week. I really should show you the picture before I cleaned it last week….


And the empty space between the cubby’s and the sewing desk is filled with tons of crap once again!! Of course it’s not crap, really, but I get so annoyed with my habit of just piling stuff there. I’ve recently started to collect Project Life scrapbooking supplies so I need to find a place to store that stuff. *SIGH* It’s a never ending battle!

Now onto the list of what I want to accomplish this week:

Monday ~ Clean off sewing/computer desk!! Find a place for every little thing! Clean in front of the fabric shelf.

Tuesday ~ Clean off and organize scrapbook desk. Come up with a better plan for where to store embellishments, pictures, washi tape, etc.

Wednesday ~ Clean out under scrapbooking desk and find homes for everything. Put an extra chair there so I won’t start piling stuff underneath it again! UGH! I have a problem with empty places! lol

Thursday ~ Organize shelves above sewing desk. Organize fabric bookshelf.

Friday ~ Clean out and organize cubby’s and space in between desks and cubby’s

Well, it looks like I have a busy week of organizing and cleaning ahead of me. I’m looking forward to it, but at the same time I’m not. I’m afraid I’m going to lose my mojo to get everything done after Monday! So here’s to hoping I don’t and I can stick with my plan!!

Thanks for stopping by! I hope you’re having a great Monday so far!

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