I LOVE Surprises!!

So I went shopping at Target and Albies this morning. I wasn’t buying anything huge, but I was excited about some deals. I didn’t take pictures and I might never again because I just don’t have time! lol I put everything away (because a lot of what I bought was cold) and then remembered about taking a picture and didn’t feel like getting it all out again:P

Anyway, at Target I bought a dozen eggs for only $1.19 and bunch of Gerber baby food and some contact solution. The total was a little over $21 with my coupons, I saved $10. I had coupons for everything except the eggs. The contact solution was $14.89 I had a $1/1 Target coupon and a $3/1 manu. coupon so it was only $10.89 for 20 oz!:) All the gerber baby food was on AWESOME sales!! I bought 4 snack foods for $1.75 each (they’re normally $1.92!) and I had a $1/2 coupon (unfortunately I hadn’t printed off more!!:P). The toddler meals were only $1.73 and I had 2-$1/1 coupons. They’re normally $2.04. Woohoo! I only paid $.73 for them!!@ I wish I had had more coupons!!

After Target we headed over to Albies. I planned on buying chex mix only, but I didn’t know where to find it so I kind of browsed the cereal and dairy aisles before getting to the chips. I love browsing and I’m so glad that I do it!! Guess what I found for SO CHEAP???!!! YOGURT! Yoplait yogurt was on bonus buy for $.33!! It was only 3 flavors, raspberry, peach and key lime, but that is SUCH a good price!! Tinian LOVES yogurt!! So I bought 6 of those flavors and then 6 of some other flavors which made it all even out in the end. Their yogurt is on sale for $.69 which isn’t a great price, but not too bad. I usually buy at Walmart because it’s $.50, but with the $.33 yogurts and my coupons for $.40/6 it all worked out to be the same deal I would’ve gotten at Walmart. PLUS I didn’t have to make an extra trip to walmart just to buy yogurt!! YAY!

So I was VERY happy with my wonderful find at Albies today:) After getting the yogurt I got some milk and then went looking for the chips. I was bummed when I got to them because they weren’t on sale anymore. I thought Mark had told me the chex mix were 10/$10, but that must have been last week. It’s so hard keeping up with the sales now that I don’t get the paper. I’m considering signing up for it again!!

My total at Albies was only $9.51 with tax! I bought 2 gallons of milk and 12 yoplait yogurts. I had coupons for everything and I am very pleased with that total!:) So it was a good couponing day!

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