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Good Morning and welcome to my new and improved and excited attitude toward cleaning and organizing my whole LIFE!! Today is the very FIRST day that I will be starting this new adventure with the famous Fly Lady. Go on over and sign up if you want to join me in this 30 day quest to get yourself organized one baby step at a time!!

Today my only task is going to be to shine the kitchen sink! That’s all that Fly Lady wants me to do today and so that is what I will do! (Well, I will also be doing some laundry, folding it, putting it away and helping my boys clean the bathrooms.) I have printed out the steps she takes to clean her sink and will reference them until I have the routine memorized. I want this to be the first thing I do after I get the kids off to school and the last thing I do after dinner. My sink and kitchen are going to be CLEAN every night before I go to bed!

To see what I will be doing the rest of the week and month you can check out the 31 Babysteps here. I am excited to get started! A lot of these things are very small and easy to do. I will check in with you every Monday to let you know how I do and talk about other organizing things I am doing.

I also want to work on cleaning up my craft room this month. I did tons of sewing in December and my machine went kind of kapoot so I need to sit down and clean it out and organize all of the fabric I didn’t end up using. I also have a couple things I didn’t get a chance to finish before Christmas so I need to finish them and get them sent in the mail.

So, I will leave you now to go explore Fly Lady’s website and get your kitchen sink shining too! I hope you have a great week! I’ll be back tomorrow with some more scrapbooking videos.

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