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In Your Pocket Tuesday @ The Crafty Maven Getaway

Hello friends!! I am a week late with this post, but I wanted to make sure I still got it up and shared it with you. I really like this weeks page that I made. Here was the inspiration piece for last week:

I really loved the simpleness of this piece as well as the neutral colors and clean lines. That is what inspired me to make this page:

I kept this page simple and as nuetral as I could. I did add a little color in a few places. I really love the pops of color it gives to the page.

Tinian loved looking at these cute little chicks with his classmates on this field trip and I’m so glad I was able to go. Unfortunately they weren’t able to hold the chicks, I think they have had too many bad incidents in the past but that’s ok. Looking at them was good enough for Tini!

I used a lot of scraps and old pieces from my stash for this page, which made me so happy! I love using up old things I’ve had in my stash for a really long time!

This globe didn’t exactly go, but there are baby chicks all around the world right? lol The kids were getting out of school and going to a place they’ve never been so I added some stars and am just glad I finally used this globe. I think this has been in my stash for at least 2 years!

I love the washi tap and phrase sticker on this photo. It’s a picture of one of Tinian’s friends looking at the chicks and he thought they were cute so the ‘Falling for you’ sticker was perfect. I also used a cute little button.

I stamped the date and used a couple embellishment pieces. I might do a little journaling under the stamping if I need to say more.

You can watch my process video below on the Crafty Maven YouTube channel:


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