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Fashion Friday

How is your Friday going? I hope well. Mine is going pretty good so far. I’m going into my 5 year old’s kindergarten class to help out and that’s always so fun. The kids are so nice at this age!:) They’re always so excited to see me and show me what they’ve been doing in… Read More Fashion Friday


Decision Made

Thank you for all your comments on my sewing post! I really appreciate them. I think I actually made the decision before I read any of them. Haha I think writing it all out and going over each one of my choices helped me more than anything. I should’ve just done that in the first… Read More Decision Made


I Need Your Help

Ok, so I’m addicted to pinterest!! If you’ve seen my boards I’m sure you’ve noticed!! It’s amazing what you can find on there!! Things I would never think of in a million years! And I pin them all! I have no problem pinning something and never going to the actual website to read about it.… Read More I Need Your Help